Disney High School Musical (Stories From East High 3)
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  • Publication : Parragon
  • Language : English
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  • Number of Pages : 125
  • ISBN : 9781407531342
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  • Published Year : 2007
  • Binding Type : Paper Bound
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  • Author : Parragon Books
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Product Description

Everyone at east high is freaking out. In one week, the students in Ms. Barrington's English class will have to recite an original poem in front of the whole school! Chad is usually happy to ham it up no matter who is watching, but the embarrassing memory of a past poetry performance is seared on to his brain and he is not sure he will be able to pull off his assignment. Troy enlists Gabrielle to teach chad and the other basketball players that there's no more than one way to bust a rhyme. But will she be able to save them from humiliation?

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