Once upon a time lived a young child who wished to read books but alas he couldnt because he did not have the money to buy them.

Another child who wished to go to school, go for higher studies but he also could not only because he did not have the money to buy his course books.

Yet another child who had the money but lived in a far flung remote corner of the country and he had to travel miles to buy a book.

All above are true stories of people in our country , these are the realities that happen around us all the time, very often we are oblivious to it all, sometimes because we dont know about it and sometimes because we feel helpless because we dont know what to do….

We are a group of engineers who have very closely seen these problems in our growing years and like you. We also did not know a solution then.The problem was edged in our minds and we were determined to find a solution, two years ago we hit upon an idea and called it MyPustak.com

The idea was simple take it from the haves and give it to the have nots but how do we make it possible?With our technical expertise we are trying to build a network of people who would like to be a part of the initiative as a donor or a receiver.If you have a book which you no longer need, it could be an academic book or a book for entertainment just let us know we will have it picked up and send it to someone who needs that book.

It sounds simple and thats the way it is meant to be, when you feel any book on your bookshelf is redundant,log on to our site MyPustak.com and click on the DONATE BOOKS tab, fill in the form and one of our courier partners/ volunteers will be at your doorstep at a date and time convenient to you to pick up the books.From your bookshelf the book comes to our warehouse gets listed on the website and waits there till someone asks for that book, once a request for the book is received we dispatch it to the receivers address and charge them only for the postage, simple yet powerful, easy yet far reaching.

We are working ceaselessly towards making this dream into reality. But, we cant do it on our own, we need your support please extend a hand.


Together we can make it happen, Together let us make it happen