Before you donate a book remember that someone will be getting just as much joy from reading it as you did. If the condition of book is not up to the mark your effort of sending and our efforts of restoration will not be fruitful, so kindly avoid sending books which are not up to the mark.


We at MyPustak will not be able to restore and reuse books with:

  • significant damage to the binding
  •  torn cover pages
  •  missing, loose or torn pages
  •  strong smell of any kind (including cigarette odour)
  •  water, moisture or mould damage
  •  workbooks with writing in them (e.g. tests or worksheets partly or fully completed)
  •  corrected or uncorrected proof copies of books
  •  book Club Editions
  •  fire or smoke damage
  •  misprinted
  •  stained
  •  pirated or photocopied books
  •  newspapers
  •  magazines
  •  promotional  copies
  •  porn material