About Us

Brief Introduction

MyPustak.com is Indias first online platform which works towards making education available to all, across the geographical and social boundaries. We make this possible by providing free books to those who have the desire to read but lack of resources to buy.

With the help of our team of highly energetic volunteers and logistic partners, today MyPustak has its reach in more than five thousand pincode across the country. We reach out for collecting books from donors and  also for delivering them at readerdoorstep. As we are a philanthropic organization  we dont charge anything neither from the donors  nor the receivers,except a very nominal shipping & handling charge is to be borne by the one who wants the book.

 Our Impact on Society

We are committed to  provide free books to the needy , but we do this on a priority to those who live in countryside and mostly in such places where quality books are unavailable or/and expensive. Thanks to the internet and its connectivity, anyone can go to our site and place a request for any book that is displayed there.

Due to constraints some people are not able to access the books they desire to read.  We @ MyPustak wish to fill this gap. We are reaching out to those who have books(donors) and meeting the demands of those who dont have them(needy). Thus we are bridging the gap of resources.


Our Impact on Environment

We  also support  sustainability in a novel way.  We believe that every book has minimum life span of three years and work on a philosophy that your book will live on”.

Lets understand this, each book when published and printed releases ~2.71 kg CO2 equivalent . If this book goes from one hand to another five times, it saves nearly 14 kg of CO2 equivalent(which would otherwise be released while production of new copies of the book), thus reducing the carbon footprint manifolds. Additionally, a book when redistributed, saves lot of trees as well that would be cut to make paper, thus it is supporting a sustainable environment as well.


How do we identify and help Needyreaders

The books we get in donations may help someone who wants it but cant buy because of several constraints such as money, geographic location etc. There may be an argument that how do people, whom we intend to target, in distant rural places can avail the benefits of MyPustak.com since its an online platform and services can be availed only when you have a decent internet connection and internet banking facility/ATM cards. This too can be done with the a little help of people who wish to join a noble cause. One can order on behalf of someone who lacks the knowledge of e-commerce. With a nominal shipping charge we have striven to reduce the constraint of money and with our huge logistics network, geography too is not a challenge anymore. Moreover, with governments push for digital India and financial inclusion, we expect more people to join us .